Greg's Ground and Philosophy

Greg Brownie was born in the Waikato in 1958 and grew up in an environment of wood and machinery. Quality craftsmanship was a value fostered by his father Ted Brownie and became part of his early education.

Wood turning became a special area of craft for Greg from about the age of nine. Although a qualified automotive engineer, Greg admits that his preference was working with wood. This passion has grown since those early years. Greg brings to his work a range of unique experiences gained from working with timber for many years.

Pieces are crafted from a variety of New Zealand native timbers. Greg focuses on Kauri to fashion articles that are not just functional but art pieced in their own right. Much of the material used has been carbon dated at more than 45,000 years.

A special philosophy underlies Greg's unique style. His perspective focus on the application of primitive art forms. Greg believes that he is part of the natural order. His role as a steward is to reveal the beauty of nature in timber through the best of his aesthetics.

"The wood speaks to me, I don't tell the wood" says Greg.

This perspective allows the mind and body to interact in a powerful way. Greg believes the body is a servant of the mind. Articles are the product of the mind perceiving natural messages in wood.

Theses messages give rise to infinite 'form' in nature. The task of a true craftsman is to perceive the best form relative to the wood. Form is based on the shapes, patterns, symmetry and movement found on the land, in the sea and in the air.

The natural world is the source of inspiration. The body then transmits the concept or theory into the material form. Harmony occurs when the craftsman produces a balanced artifact the accurately communicates the natural message. For example, the waves of the sea are translated into curved lips on bowls.

Artifacts represent the best of nature and technology and New Zealand's clean green image. Greg provides a niche market with quality bowls that remain a source of inspiration to owners throughout their lifetime.